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Mission and Purpose

The specific purpose of the Organization is to provide community support to the Don Callejon School (“the School”), a public K-8 school located in the Santa Clara Unified School District (“the District”) in Santa Clara, California.

The Organization will work to bring closer relations between the home and the school, so that parents, Don Callejon faculty and staff, students, and other community members may collaborate in the education of the children.  The Organization will also provide fundraising efforts for the benefit of the children and the school.

The Organization will advocate for the school community to the School and District through communication and participation to ensure that the needs of children are recognized and supported.


DCSCO has the following primary goals:

  1. Raise money to support the school
  2. Recruit and coordinate volunteers to support the school
  3. Inform the community about the school
  4. Serve as a liaison with the school/District for parents