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Digital Sign Unveiled to Don Callejon School Community


After years of saving to the digital sign fund (started by the first DCSCO board in 2006), DCSCO finally purchased and installed a new digital sign and unveiled it on Friday, August 23, 2013.

The ceremony was attended by the entire student body, staff, administrators, Mr. and Mrs. Don Callejon, former Don Callejon School principal Hans Barber and family, and many of the former DCSCO board members who supported the sign over the years. After a few speeches and cheers, the sign was unveiled by Mr. Callejon and Mr. Kubota (current DCSCO president) to the happy students and community.

In 2006 the first DCSCO Board started a fund to purchase a Digital Sign for Don Callejon School to support one of DCSCO's main goals to advocate communication for the school community.

Over the next five years, DCSCO boards and memberships voted to set aside additional funds for the sign until in 2010 there were enough funds to purchase a sign. After the organization was re-affliliated in 2011, an interim board was installed and moved the project along. Last year, the digital sign funds were finally used to purchase the sign for much less than what was initially projected in 2006 due to reductions in the overall pricing of LED technology and then installed by the school district last week. The digital sign has full color video capability and can display up to 4 lines of text. The digital sign fund represented 2.7% of the overall funding allocations to the school from DCSCO over the last 7 years. From 2005 to 2012, DCSCO has contributed $372,706.00 to Don Callejon School in support of various programs, events, supplies, and services.

We'd like to especially thank former principal Hans Barber for his overall support and guidance throughout the years, Jennifer Barber for creating the artwork for the top portion of the sign, Rod Cardin from SCUSD who pushed to approve and install the sign by the school district, and Roger Ramirez for researching and project managing the digital sign process over the years.

This new digital sign represents the hard work and support of many DCSCO boards, members, and school administration representatives who have acknowledged the importance of communication for the school community and the positive affect it will have on everyone. This sign will serve as a reminder to everyone who sees it that communication is key in keeping together a close and well-informed school community.

Here's the list of DCSCO Boards and their members that voted to contribute funds to the digital sign:

Board 2005-2006 (Voted to Start the Digital Sign Fund of $2500, approved by membership)

President: Adam Jones

Vice President: Melissa Kreisa

Communications Director: Amy Truesdale

Finance Director: Jonathan Lee

Fundraising Director: Hollie Chang

Board 2006-2007 (Voted to Contribute Funds to the Digital Sign of $2500, approved by membership)

President: Hollie Chang

Vice President: Subha Podila

Finance Director: JoAnna Ahn/Jennifer Garcia

Communications Director: Jennifer Caldwell

Development Co-Director: Melissa Kreisa

Development Co-Director: Richard Wang

Community Fundraising Co-Director: Lorrie Moore

Community Fundraising Co-Director: Kathy Watanabe

Liasion to School and District Councils: Sara Kellum

Board 2007-2008 (Voted to Contribute Funds to the Digital Sign of $2500, approved by membership)

President: Lori Garmany

Vice President: Melinda Razon

Communications Director: Grace Leung

Finance Director: Adam Jones

Development Director: Michelle Guzman

Community Fundraising Director: Rebecca Ferguson

Community Fundraising Director: Lorrie Moore

Liaison to School and District Councils: Melissa Kreisa/Jennifer Garcia

Board 2009-2010 (Voted to Contribute Funds to the Digital Sign of $2500, approved by membership)

President: Roger Ramirez

Vice President : Arun Krishna

Finance Director: Melinda Razon

Communications Director: Sumana Vijayagopal

Co-Fundraising Director: Rebecca Ferguson

Co-Fundraising Director: Michelle Guzman

Development Director: Surendra Munagala

Co-Liaison to School and District Councils: Fred Yoshida

Co-Liaison to School and District Councils: Renata Pang

Board 2010-2011 (Voted to Use Allocated funds for the Digital Sign)

President: Michelle Guzman

Vice President: Renata Pang

Finance Director: Reshma Tawade

Communications Director: Anita Sathyamurthy

Fundraising Director: Ratna Malladi

Development Director: Abdul Egal

Liaison to School and District Councils: Dakshesh Vyas

Interim Board 2011-12 (Voted to Use Allocated funds for the Digital Sign, approved by membership)

President: Roger Ramirez

Vice President: Sandy Wenzel

Finance Director: Reshma Tawade

Communications Director: Melissa Kreisa

Development Director: Niloy Banerjee

Board 2012-2013 (Approved and purchased lower cost sign with larger display. Approved additional funds for installation from current years operating budget surplus.)

President: Sandy Wenzel

Vice President: Milton Kubota

Finance Director: Murali Kolli

Fundraising Director: Terri Muench

Communications Director: Racquel Monsale