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DCSCO April 2013 Newsletter




Dear DCSCO Families and Friends,

Welcome to the April edition, of the DCSCO Newsletter. We hope everyone had a fun Spring Break! 

As we enter the final months of this school year we need to remember how special and wonderful the DCS Staff is. May 6-10 is Staff Appreciation Week and this is the time to show the staff how much we appreciate all the work they do, throughout the school year. Mark you calendars and lets show them how much we care!

This year Spring Fling will be held on Friday May 10th the last day of staff appreciation week.  Our staff has been working closely with the DCSCO Board to make this the best Spring Fling ever! The DCSCO Board along with our great volunteers have been busy finding sponsors, collecting donations, making arrangements for food, entertainment,  and developing new games. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. More details below!

Announcements and Reminder

Spring Fling Updates-
The food truck revolution has arrived...and it's right here at our doorstep! CurryUp Now, Chutney Mary, MoGoBBQ, Twisted Chill, and Grilled Cheese Bandits will be arriving after 3pm for dinner. They will donate a percentage of their sales to us. 

There will also be a great band,The Sit-Ins. They are a jam-oriented classic rock/blues/alternative band. For more information, check out their website-

So come on over for some great food, music and games. And bring your family and friends too! To spread the word, please see our flyer here - 

The Spring Fling is the largest fundraising event of the year for Don Callejon School.  Any help you provide is appreciated! No job is too small and all are welcome! We need volunteers to help set up and throughout the day. Please consider devoting two hours to help out. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to join the team. 

We have two professional photographers that will be setting up our photo booth with costumes, backgrounds, lighting equipment and taking photographs. If you are an avid photographer and would like to help out we are looking for three or four volunteers to help them take pictures. So if you are a camera buff and enjoy working with kids, please consider helping us. We hope to split the time up into six shifts of one hour.

This year we are again making it possible for family to sponsor games.  The sponsorship of a game is $50 and your family name will appear next to a game stating that you are a sponsor.  Sponsoring a game does not require you to manage or cover any game costs. To sponsor a game, contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Fundraising Update

Nadya Filimonova is a Don Callejon parent who has graciously volunteered her time to help us with designing this years Spring Fling Logo.  Her business name is Bitmagic and she has teamed up with Halyna's Embroidery to create what we think is an amazing assortment of Spring Fling Shirts, Hats, and Lunch boxes.  They have created an e-commerce web site just for us.

Please visit http:/sfstore.bitmagic.com
Credit cards are accepted and all sales will result in a generous percentage being donated to DCSCO.  The shirts and hats are of the highest quality and will hold up well after many washes. Visit the website site today so that you can wear your shirt at Spring Fling!

Volunteer Update

Project Cornerstone - If you know any kinder parents for the 2013-14 school year who may be interested in being a part of this program, please have them contact Andrea Yip at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NEEDED NOW - If you would like to be a part of lunchtime and playground supervision, please contact Ms.Pam Galano at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Volunteers must be certified by filling out an application with the district, taking a TB test and going through a volunteer training).


The International Night on March 22nd was a wonderful celebration of the diversity here at DCS. Special thanks to Ms. Le and all the volunteers who made this event a success.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the DCS Science Exposition. The projects were well thought out and all the hard work that went into it was evident.  Thank you parents for supporting your childs decision to participate.

Special congratulations to Byron Tjanaka and Dylon Tjanaka on their Project Awards at the Synopsis Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships 2013!

Warm Regards,
Your DCSCO Board


Mark your calendars-

Monday April 22
Middle School Star Testing

May 6-10
Staff Appreciation Week

Spring Fling Festival
May 10 1-7pm
Don Callejon School

Callejon Campus Chronicles

Issue 3                                                                  April 2013
Dear Teachers, Students, Parents...
Welcome to the third edition of Callejon Campus Chronicles. The next issue will be the last one before we break for summer. For the next issue, please share what was your favorite part of school this year and what are your plans for the summer. We look forward to hearing from many of you. All submissions will be published.
Please send newsletter submissions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and submit by May 15th to get published in the May issue. 

Science Fair and Exposition1000792199

On Thursday, April 4th, Don Callejon School held the annual Science Fair and Exposition. I was fortunate to be a part of the planning and preparation for the Science Fair, as well as enjoying the Fair that evening. Preparations for the Science Fair and Expo begin many months before the actual Fair and are completed through the team efforts of teachers, administrators and parents.
Community members and district staff also get involved by serving as judges for the upper grade level projects. The Science Fair and Exposition is truly a school and community wide event. 
All students in Kindergarten - 8th grade are welcome to participate by preparing an individual project or experiment. Students in Kindergarten - 3rd grade prepare their projects for demonstration only. They are given an opportunity to speak with judges and other adults about their projects, but are not graded or judged. This offers the students valuable experience in public presentation, as well as giving them a fabulous sense of accomplishment. It was wonderful to see the excitement on the faces of some of the 2nd and 3rd graders as they presented their experiments to the judges.
Projects created by 4th-8th graders are judges by a panel of 3 judges. They are awarded ribbons based on a pre-determined scientific rubric. Those who earned a blue ribbon will represent Callejon in the District Science Fair in May. This year we had over 120 individual projects from students in 2nd - 8th grade.
This year, each grade level also prepared boards, posters and projects to exhibit. These projects demonstrated the Science topics that are studied throughout the year in the different grades. It was wonderful to see how our students' scientific knowledge grows each year they are at Callejon!
Each year the Science Fair concludes with an evening viewing and awards ceremony. It was such fun to watch the students cheer each other on during the ceremony and also listen to them as they brainstormed project ideas for next year! 
Jennifer Whitten
8th grade parent

A Point to Ponder
Answer to last week's question of why manhole covers are round.
You can turn a square manhole cover sideways and drop it down the diagonal of the manhole. You cannot drop a round manhole cover down the manhole. Therefore, round manhole covers are safer and more practical than square ones.

This weeks puzzler-

Although each of the following sentences sounds okay at first, there's really something wrong with each one of them. Read the sentences and think about why each one is a little "fishy."

No one goes to that restaurant any more because it's too crowded.

I'm glad I don't like spinach, because if I liked it, I'd eat it, and it tastes awful.

If you can't read this sign, ask for help.

     Ms. Annu Verghese - Special Assignment Correspondent/Campus Chronicles
  Mr. Milton Kubota - Editor

About Me...

Hi! This is Vanessa Hayden, 5th grade Science teacher. I grew up in Morgan Hill, the southern tip of the Silicon Valley. Back then, it was mostly orchards and farmland.
One of my favorite childhood memories is performing at Disneyland with the school band. We played in a sound studio, then in the park.  Music was a difficult subject for me, but I enjoyed it.  I played the flute, and yes, there was band camp.
Programming a video game in the computer club is a close second favorite.  I was the only girl in the computer club and loved being in charge of the graphics.
For fun, I sew Halloween costumes for my kids.  My favorite family activity is growing heirloom tomatoes in a hobby greenhouse late in winter, then in the front yard in spring.  I raise silkie chickens – a fluffy bantam breed.  When the weather’s nice, I bicycle with my family.  When the weather’s foul, I bake gluten-free, dairy-free everything.
Two teachers sparked my interest in science.  An elementary teacher required science fair projects.  That fantastic experience hooked me. But it was the labs in high school biology that made me want to become a science teacher. I still remember my biology teacher’s first lecture and every lab.  He talked about how every atom in our bodies has been here since the beginning of time. Our atoms used to be part of rivers and trees and rocks.
Labs are the best part of my job. If I could, I’d teach labs every day, but lectures are necessary, too. I center each chapter around a project or lab. Experiments light up kids’ faces. They’re excited and want to know more when they apply Newton’s Laws to mousetrap cars, or extract metal from cereal and identify it as iron.  To spark a kid’s interest in science and engineering feels great.
A few of my favorite things-
Holiday spot? My favorite holiday spot is a Christmas tree farm in San Martin.  Every year, my sons pick out a tree there and we cut it down together.  They ride the train and we pick out boughs to decorate the house with.  Afterwards, we come home and deck the halls.
Book? The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks.  
Sports? I’ve never been athletic.  I have asthma, which made P.E. difficult when I was a kid.  I do like ballroom dancing, though.  Swing dancing is my favorite.
Animal/pet? We have two kittens – Fable and Hiccup.


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