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Don Callejon Volunteer Committee Descriptions


Committees for One-Time Events


Family Movie Night* (Friday nights usually once/month): This is a family night where all DCS students and their families get to hang-out together and watch a free movie in the multi-purpose room.  Popcorn and other snacks will be available for sale.

Jobs: Set-up the movie, set-up popcorn machine and other snacks, sell popcorn and snacks, clean-up.

Availability: Evening of the event.


Red Ribbon Week (Oct 24-28, 2011): The purpose is to help students say “NO” to drugs. The committee’s job is to disseminate all of the materials (provided by school & the district) and work with the school to hold a kick-off assembly.

Jobs: Volunteers to disseminate all of the material, decorate school, assist during the school assembly.

Availability: During the week of October during the day.


Walk-a-Thon (Oct 28, 2011 – 9am-11am): This is a major fundraiser in the fall at DCS.  The money raised from this event helps fund needed enrichment programs at the school.  Students collect money from their sponsors for each lap they walk.

Jobs: Lap counters (punch holes on students’ lap tags), water dispensers, set-up, clean-up, volunteers to make name tags and certificates, money counters, snack table, tattoo table.

Availability: Day of the event.


Family Night – International Night (Potluck)* (Mar 16, 2011 – 6pm-9pm): This is a family night where all DCS students and their families get to hang-out together and share potluck dishes from different countries and culture.  Students, parents, and staff members may also share to perform cultural dances, crafts, etc.

Jobs: Get International table sign ups, potluck sign-ups, check-in potluck dishes, coordinate performances, and clean-up.

Availability: Evening of the event.


Book Fair (Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2011): This is an all-week event for the library to sell books from Scholastic Books.  The library receives a huge portion from the sale with books for the library and for the teachers to be used in their classrooms. 

Jobs: Help set-up the book fair, sign-up to sell books at different times, help customers, work the cash registers, and help take down the book fair.

Availability: The week of the event.


Spring Fling Festival* (May 12, 2011): This is a major fundraiser in the Spring at DCS.  The money raised from this event helps fund needed enrichment programs at the school and school’s other needs.  The festival includes Kidz Zone with carnival games, jump houses, and other activities, and entertainment for all ages.  This event promotes school community-building where parents, students, staff, community members, and businesses in the area work together to raise money and enjoy the festival at the same time.  In some areas such as carnival games; children are allowed to help with their parents.  This event is open to the public.

Jobs: Kidz Zone – Set-up and staff carnival game booths, jump houses and other activities, clean-up. Entertainment - Contact entertainers (such as local organization, schools & other professional groups) to perform for free. Sponsors - Contact businesses and entrepreneurs to sponsor the event with direct donation and/or items and services

Availability: Evening planning meetings and day of the event on a Saturday.


8th Grade Promotion Party* (June 1, 2011 –): This is a “graduation” party for the outgoing 8th graders.

Jobs: Set-up, chaperone, and clean-up.

Availability: Evening of the event.


Committees with Year-Long Assignments


Room Parents and Classroom Volunteers: Assist teachers in the classroom with such activities such as coordinating field trips, organizing class parties, helping with art projects, assisting students in learning centers, etc.  A room parent is the lead classroom volunteer and this person is chosen and assigned by the classroom teacher. 

Availability: During school hours and/or after school hours.


School Office Help: Volunteers are needed to work in the office to perform copying duties for teachers & office staff.

Availability: One or more hours during school office hours, weekly or once every two weeks.


Lunch Yard Duty (Grades K – 5th & Grades 6th – 8th): Volunteers are needed to help supervise children during lunch.

Availability: One or more days during Grades K – 5th & Grades 6th – 8th recess and lunch hours, weekly (preferably), once every two weeks, or once a month.


Safety Patrol: The purpose of this committee is to help with the morning traffic control & to ensure school safety.

Jobs: Supervise and assist 4th and 5th grade students to work as valets in the morning.

Availability: Morning before school starts (7:50am to 8:10am) – twice a week


Library: Assist librarian to shelve & catalogue books & reference materials, check-out & schedule media center use.

Availability: School hours.


Media Center (Computer Lab): Volunteers to assist teachers and students during computer class time. 

Availability: School hours.


Project Cornerstone: Volunteers to read specially selected books and lead activities that help teach valuable lessons.   Volunteers are trained by Lead Volunteers on the first Friday morning of the month via the YMCA Project Cornerstone Asset Building Champions (ABC) program.

Jobs: Read and lead activity once/month in the classroom.  Attend once/month training.  Complete assets 101 training course (1.5 hours) once.  Kindergarten readers only:  Attend one of the monthly lead meetings (1 hour) at the Project Cornerstone Office (approx 10 mins away from Rivermark) and explain the book/lesson plan to the other Kindergarten readers at our meeting for that month.

Availability: Attend Monthly Prep Meeting, days TBD 8:15-9:00am at DCS, 1-2 hours/month for preparation and classroom visit




Volunteer positions followed by an asterisk (*) are particularly good for working parents.